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STD 2016 gala copy








Who We Are


Esther’s Aid is a 501(c)(3) Christian-based, nonprofit charity devoted to helping educate and train less privileged youth, young adults and women. It has a strong record of providing the tools necessary to help people lift themselves out of poverty and achieve productive futures. The organization cares for the poor, the outcast, the orphans and the widows by compassionate intervention and protection against abuse at all levels. It trains them to succeed by providing education, skills development and a positive vision for a productive and a sustainable future. It empowers them by instilling hope, confidence, dignity, self-respect and the love of God.  It encourages peace among all ethnic groups. Esther’s Aid has an office in New Rochelle, New York and an office and school in Kigali, Rwanda. The school offers programs in culinary arts, fashion, computers and more.



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